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Norwich City of Sanctuary is coordinated by a small group of volunteers. Our reach and impact comes from the incredible commitment from organisations across the city and county who are committed to creating a culture and a practice of welcome.

City of Sanctuary organises through ‘Streams.’ A Stream of Sanctuary encourages professionals or practitioners within ‘communities of practices or interests’ to come together to embed the concepts of welcome, safety and inclusion within their professions, sectors and organisations.

In Norwich we currently have active Schools, University, Arts and Faith streams. We would love to hear from you if you would like to set up any other streams including in health, maternity, gardens or business. We are also working closely with Norwich City Council who are committed to working towards Norwich being a City of Sanctuary.

Any individual or organisation working within a Stream of Sanctuary must be committed to the vision and values of City of Sanctuary. The development of new activities, projects and initiatives within a Stream must be aligned with City of Sanctuary network principles. A Stream will also enable the sharing of best practice, resources and ideas. Organisations that fall within a Stream of Sanctuary may wish to apply for a Sanctuary Award following specific criteria which have been developed by City of Sanctuary UK.