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Our Gardens Stream is made up of parks, community gardens and small holdings that share our vision of wanting to be welcoming spaces for newcomers to our city, many of who have experienced traumatic journeys on their way here.

Field of Joy in Reepham 

Young asylum seekers and refugees from City College Norwich attend a weekly course at the small holding, giving the students the opportunity to work with livestock and on the land. They welcome volunteers with lived experience of migration. Field of Joy is working towards becoming a Garden of Sanctuary.

Grapes Hill Community Garden

This community garden on Grapes Hill is open to everyone and welcomes refugees to get involved in gardening with them. They are working towards becoming a Garden of Sanctuary. For more information about events and opening times, visit their website.

Kett’s Heights

Kett’s Heights is one of Norwich’s best-kept secrets and a perfect place for quiet reflection or a family picnic. It is steeply wooded and contains the remains of a medieval chapel, 19th Century garden terraces and a sweeping panorama overlooking Norwich. It is from where Robert Kett and his 10,000 followers besieged the city in 1549 in their fight for social justice. Find out more on their website

Strangers’ Hall garden, Norwich Farmshare and the Julian Centre are also reaching out to the local refugee community by offering their space either as a quiet retreat or a place to garden and grow.

Find out more in our Gardens of Sanctuary Resource Pack 

Stream Lead

Claire Wood