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Norwich City Council is working with us to be recognised as a Council of Sanctuary. A small working party from Norwich City of Sanctuary is working with the council on three clear priorities.

Goal 1: For Norwich City Council to pass a motion recognising its commitment to being a City of Sanctuary. Key elements of the motion include:
  • Commitment to Norwich City Council doing all in its power to welcome and assist those seeking sanctuary in the city
  • Working closely and collaboratively with the voluntary sector, and others, to ensure joined-up working
  • Ensure services and resources are available and accessible including through signposting, translation, and advocacy
  • To promote the council’s commitment through its own website and other communication channels
Goal 2: To improve communication and collaboration between the council and relevant stakeholders in the city
  • Giving time to one or more council officers to produce the report and policy statement noted in the motion above
  • One or more relevant council members and/or officers to represent the City Council on the Norwich City of Sanctuary Steering Group and any relevant sub-groups
  • Gaining stakeholder support particularly from the business community for the City of Sanctuary initiative including through pledging events
Goal 3: To celebrate Norwich’s commitment to being a City of Sanctuary and to gain wider support
  • A dedicated page on the Norwich City Council website declaring its commitment to being a City of Sanctuary and with links to local services, award recipients etc.
  • Support for Refugee Week including a 3-year commitment to funding and/or in-kind for coordination, venues, staff capacity, civic support and publicity
  • Support for the annual City of Sanctuary celebration and regular pledging events
  • Use of other council communication channels to promote and celebrate it’s commitment to being a City of Sanctuary