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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

One of the highlights of this summer’s Norwich Refugee Week is an interactive exhibition that allows you to hear first-hand stories from refugees.

The Empathy Museumโ€™s exhibition allows visitors to embark on a physical and empathic journey, to walk a mile in someone elseโ€™s shoes โ€“ literally. In A Mile in My Shoes, visitors borrow a pair of shoes belonging to a refugee or migrant and take a walk while listening to a story of their life. With storytellers who are at various stages of their lives, and who have come to the UK from different places โ€“ from Iran to Kosovo to Ivory Coast โ€“ the eclectic collection of stories shines a light on our shared humanity.

The Empathy Museum will be visiting Norwich on Saturday 25th June 12-5pm outside Norwich Playhouse.

Person listening to headphones