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Refugee charities launch crowdfunder

Our partner charities have launched a crowdfunder with an ambitious target. Please support, share and donate by following this link. They have just thirty days to raise £15,000 to enable them to continue the additional support they have been providing to local asylum seekers and refugees since the beginning of lockdown.

Since the pandemic started, the 4 local charities (English+, The Bridge Plus+, Norwich International Youth Project and New Routes Integration) have had to adapt. Between them they have:

moved all English class provision online
delivered weekly food parcels to 150 people
provided cleaning products to 40 asylum houses every month
provided monthly activity packs for children
provide emergency phone top-ups
provided monthly supermarket vouchers for all asylum seekers or migrants with no recourse to public funds
set up additional satellite youth clubs
provided regular access to internet and computers/tablets for families
Provided weekly yoga classes for young people
Run youth groups online and in parks