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Thetford: a Town of Sanctuary

A group of people of Thetford were so inspired by a talk about City of Sanctuary that they decided to set about turning their town into a ‘Town of Sanctuary.’ They wish Thetford to be an open and welcoming town and we hope to develop projects and activities in various aspects of town life that will encourage this. Where All Are Welcome

Thetford is joining many cities like Cambridge, Oxford, Norwich and many others which have declared themselves to be Cities of Sanctuary. City of Sanctuary is now a registered charity and has adopted the values of Inclusiveness, Openness, Participation, Inspiring and Integrity.

Thetford Town Council has discussed this idea and has appointed a representative to attend their meetings, so that we can work in partnership. Mayor of Thetford Brenda Canham said: “Thetford has always been a town that welcomes people to work and reside here. From the campsites that were set up on the edge of town during the world wars, to the overspill from London in the sixties. Later we saw what we know as โ€œboat peopleโ€ arrive who were fleeing conflict in their own country. The council supports that it is known as a town of sanctuary.” Councillor Roy Brame added: “Itโ€™s wonderful that our town wants to be at the forefront of such an in lightened movement we have always been progressive and I am pleased to help in any way.”