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The Steering Group is responsible for the strategic direction and many of the day to day activities of the movement including maintaining the web site, organising events and managing Sanctuary Awards in Norfolk.

There is a governance document which sets out how representation of the Steering Group is decided. That document will be made available here shortly.

The table below shows the current membership of the Steering Group



Jake Brown

Schools stream

Debbie Caulk

Faith stream

Terry Dunning

Faith stream

Marie Lyse Numuhoza

Community leader / Expert by Experience

Hala Samir

From House 2 Home / Expert by Experience

Gervais Kouloungou Mambs

British Red Cross / Bridge Plus / Expert by Experience

Sue Eagle

Schools stream

Sarah Gore

Arts / museum stream

Lauren Henery

English Plus & NIYP

David Huband

Amnesty International

Gavin Howell

Faith stream

Helen Jackson

Health stream

Ben Margolis

City of Sanctuary regional coordinator

Frances Middleton

Bridge Plus

Anne Robinson-Pant

University stream

Amelie Sells

New Routes

Claire Wood

Volunteer Administrator

Emma Skeet

Arts stream